How We Do it

We don’t just leverage data. We squeeze it, manipulate it and make it cry uncle.

  • Comprehensive data is key.
  • Real-time data is imperative, but leveraging it requires choosing a partner who can keep up.
  • Our automated AI allows for testing at a pace and scale not humanly possible.

Test, test, re-test. Then test again, just to be sure.

When properly leveraged, data becomes your company’s largest growth asset. So as part of our onboarding process with new clients, we first evaluate past sales information. Then we merge it with millions of on- and offline data points to create lookalike models for ad targeting which we use to measure the effectiveness of online campaigns and in-store sales. All so we can get an accurate picture of your customers – to understand their purchasing behaviors, their media preferences, and (most importantly) where we can find more just like them.

We start with multidimensional insights based on pulling together online data (search histories, digital footprints, etc.), behavioral traits (what customers buy, when they buy it, how much they spend) and offline data (phone numbers, physical address, etc.) to build a prediction model we can use to formulate a hypothesis – in real time.
Then comes the testing. And not just any testing, but something we call “fractional-factorial testing” (told you we were data nerds). Basically it’s an automated, AI-based algorithm that automatically launches dozens of “micro campaigns” – each of which tests hundreds of campaign variants. From there, the testing engine dials-up those which are most effective and eliminates those that aren’t.
What’s more, it does all this by working across numerous digital channels and audience models to determine what’s working, what isn’t, and how to create more sales conversion opportunities. Bottom line: Our process eliminates the guesswork by gathering and analyzing staggering volumes of data and optimally leveraging the insights that emerge.
Go, big data, go.