What We Do

We call it science. You can call it a crystal ball.

  • Predictive modeling is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Engage across screens with rich formats.

  • Measure what matters: the number of customers who buy.

Unlike other, more traditional sales and marketing companies, we leverage science to build performance models that map the profiles of past customers in order to discern which behaviors are markers for future purchases. This data allows our predictive targeting engine to efficiently message the most qualified audiences. In fact, we’re so confident in what we can do, we only charge clients on a performance-pricing basis.

Simply put, we can predict the future. (At least as far as sales go.) In fact, our models scour the entire eligible “profile universe” to determine which users will be most influenced by your message. From there, the AI-based system incorporates predictive analytics, personality detection technology, natural language processing and other proprietary algorithms that produce a 200-300% increase in performance compared to more traditional ways of reaching customers.

And it keeps getting better. Literally. Because our platform becomes more intelligent as the software learns and grows with your business – using the results of multivariate tests, client feedback and deep-level analysis to produce even more effective matches moving forward.